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Rotary Angle Sensor - Touchless


RFE3200 with shaft
RFE3200 bottom with magnets

RFE 3200 Extremely Robust Angle Sensor

Novotechnik's RFE 3200 Series of angle sensors are specifically designed to operate in demanding environments like off-highway equipment and other applications with harsh conditions where the RFE 3200 Series' ingress protection to IP69K, EMC immunity, decoupled sensor/magnet and other features/specs are essential.

Key specifications include:

RFE 3200 analog output versions are available now. CANopen, CAN SAE J1939 interface versions available August, 2021.

Magnetic Position Measurement
(Hall-Effect) Explained

When a current flows through a Hall element it provides a voltage across the current flow if a magnetic field acts perpendicular to both. Since this voltage is proportional to the magnetic field strength, a non-contact and absolute angle or displacement measurement can be easily achieved by attaching a position magnet to the moving machine part of the application. The system is insensitive to aging and independent of field strength fluctuations of the magnets.

Both shafted and touchless two-part systems enable single-turn angle measurement up to 360°. High resolution with great dynamic response, large mechanical tolerances and feasibility of customer-specific output options are added benefits of this wear free technology.

RFE 3200 data sheet

RFE Series brochure