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Hollow Shaft Rotary Sensors



Hollow Shaft Rotary Sensors

WAL300 Series of hollow-shaft angle sensors, made by our Contelec division, have a housing diameter of 32 mm, and is available with 6 or 8 mm D shaped hollow-shaft as well as 3/8" inch round bore with set screw.

Resolution of WAL300 Series is less than 0.3° and repeatability is 0.3°. Operating temperature range is -25 to +75°C. Electrical travel is 0 to 340° with continuous mechanical travel.

WAL300 Series sensors’ life is 4 million movements. The sensors are specified to operate when exposed to up to 50 g shock and 10 g vibration and shaft loading of up to 1 N. Flat tabs are integrated into the housing for easy mounting.

WAL 300

WAL 305

WAL 300 / 305

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