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Multi-Turn Magnetic Encoder/Rotary Sensor

The RMB 3600 Series of heavy duty multi-turn magnetic sensors are designed to be a high tech and economical alternative to geared and optical encoders. These sensors count up to 16 turns while monitoring angle 0 to 5,760°. They will continue to count turns and angle even if power is removed, retain the value for years, and report the correct value when power is restored.

RMB Series Key Specifications:

  • Absolute multi-turn

  • Up to 16 turns

  • Up to 18-bit resolution

  • Solid or hollow-shaft options

  • Single and multi-channel versions

  • Independent linearity to ≤ ± 0.0311% of F.S.

  • Output options: 0.1 to 10V, 4 to 20 mA, 0.25 to 4.75V, 0.5 to 4.5 V, SSI, Incremental

  • Housing OD=36.5 mm

  • IP rating options: IP67, IP69K

  • No gears, no optics, no batteries

RMB 3600 Benefits

New novoturn™ technology by Novotechnik provides engineers with the following unique benefits

▶ No gears, non-contact sensing means long life

▶ Small size for easy integration

▶ Works during power loss for over five years

▶ Maintains accuracy during power loss

▶ Continues to work upon power restoration

▶ Combined counting and position sensing in one part provides accuracy and flexibility

▶ High accuracy with no optics means lower cost

▶ Proven technology extrapolated from hard disk drive technology

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