Novotechnik Position Sensor Leader

Application Selector Guide


N= Non-Contact
P= Potentiometric
T= Touchless

Linear sensors

Rotary sensors
Rudder, Ailerons Position Vert-X 22 N
Seat Position Adjustment ML
Agricultural Machines
Tractors, Hoe Position Feedback LWG, LWX, TH1 P, T
Tractors, Steering Sensor LWX, TH1 Vert-X 37, RSC2800 P, N, T
Alternative Energy
Windmills, Blade Control TH1, TP1 P2500, RSC2800 T, P
Wood Gasification TH1, TP1 T
Solar Tracker Position Feedback LWX, TH1 Vert-X 22E, RFC4800 P, T
Motorcycle Throttle Position SP2800, RSC2800 P, N, T
Pill Testing P2200, P4500, P6500 P
Blood Separation GL200 P
Factory Automation
Feedback Device for Motion Control T, TR, LWH, TLH, LWG P2200, P4500, P6500, RSC2800, Vert-X2200 N, P
Dimensional Quality Control of Parts T, TS, TR, TRS P
Thickness Control on Strip Material T, TS, TR, TRS
Dancer Arm Measurement P2200, SP2800, Vert-X 1300, Vert-X2200 P, N
Valve Position Feedback LWG PL240, PL300, SP2800, RSC2800 P
Material Handling
Forklift Steering Feedback SP2800, RSC2800 P, N
Forklift Tilt Angle Feedback TEX P
Electro-Hydraulic Lifting Tools & Handling TLH, LWH P
Medical Equipment
X-Ray Machine aperture blade Positioning T, KL P
Respiratory Flow Valve Control T, TS P
Oncology Machine treatment focus P4500 P
Oil & Gas
Oil wells, Feedback Device for
Hydraulic Drives
LWX P6500, IP6000, IPS6000 P
Mobile Electronics
Human Transporter Steering Sensor SP2800 P
Fastbrake Handle Sensor for Locomotives SP2800, RSC2800 P, N
Control Head Sensor for Boats PL300 P
Trim Sender Sensor for Boats PD280 P
Railroad Measurements FTI, LWX P
Boom Angle Measurement on Cranes P2200 P
Beach-cleaning Vehicle, Pick-up Roller LWX P
Plastics Manufacturing
Position Feedback on Injection
Mold. Machines
LWH, TLH, TP1, TH1 IP6000 P
Blow molding Machines TP1, TLH T
Power Generation
High Voltage Switches, Position Control LWH, TLH P
Process Control
Valve Position Control TLH, TH1, LWH,
SP28, RSC28 N, P, T
Level Sensing TH1 Vert-X -13E series
Vert-X -22E series
Vert-X -37E series
Manipulator Arm Position Controls TH1 Vert-X -13E series
Vert-X -22E series
Vert-X -37E series
Vert-X 5100
T, N
Theme Park Rides
Cartoon Character Animation Control TEX Vert-X2200 N
London Eye, Position Sensing Loading
Molding Press Position Feedback LWH, TLH, LWG, TP1 P, T
Saw, blade Position Feedback TH1 T
Sheet Metal forming TP1 T
Packaging Machines TP1, LWH, TLH P, T
Concrete Construction Machines TP1 T
Stone Cutting and Forming Machines TP1, LWH, TLH P, T
Printing Machines, Flying Splicer for paper TLH, LWH P
Ironing Machine Linear Undercarriage Mov. T,TS,TR,TRS P
Screen Printing, Distance Screen to TableDosing Machines T,TS,TR,TRS P
Dosing Machines T,TS,TR,TRS P
Wear Testing Machines LWG, LWH P, T
Crash Test, Deformation Measurement LWH, LWG, TP1 P, T
Vehicle Test Equipment, Shaker Test TP1, TH1 T