Application: Malibu Boats PowerWedge II
Product: RFC4800, RotaryTouchless Sensor

Malibu Boats makes watersports boats that create controllable wakes and waves that enable surfing and wakeboarding. The PowerWedge II is the world’s only watersports hydrofoil. It is a horizontally-oriented control surface in the back of Malibu’s boats and gets a boat ‘on plane’ quickly, then once on-plane, creates wakes up to five feet high. This makes for great wakeboarding.

Novotechnik’s RFC4800 magnetic position sensor measures the position of the PowerWedge II over a -10° to + 10° range that is optimized for maximum resolution over that limited range. Click here to see a video of the PowerWedge in action, and here to read the article on this technology.

Malibu Boats also creates waves to surf on with their SurfGate dual vertical control surfaces.


Download RFC4800 SSI Data Sheet


Download RFC4800 Analog Data Sheet


Download RFC4800 Switch Output Data Sheet