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The LS1 Series are the first linear position sensors combining Novopad non-contact technology with programmability to let technicians calibrate sensors with the push of a button. Learn more.

Every Novotechnik angle sensor and position sensor come with leading innovations and unsurpassed application support.



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The RFC4800 Series of magnetic (touchless) angle sensors features programmable measurement range, within 0 to 360°, and switches. It is sealed to IP69K and has single and redundant versions. Learn more.


See how Malibu Boats creates awesome wakes & waves!

Choosing The Right Position Sensor

See our applications page to read about some of the applications Novotechnik linear position sensors and angle sensors are used in. Our Products Page has interactive selector guides to help you choose the best sensor based on your criteria.

linear video

Watch an overview of our linear position sensor line.

Segway Personal Transporter: to learn more on how it steers or see other applications, click on photo.

Oncology Treatment: carousel positioning, click photo to learn more or see other applications.

Malibu Boats' makes waves: positioning the PowerWedge II for user-controllable wakes and waves that enable amazing wakeboarding. Click photo to learn more or see other applications.

Water Cannons: Measuring the horizontal and vertical positions of "monitors". Fire departments and industry use these in manual and automated modes. Click on photo to learn more or see other applications.

London Eye: sensing the loading ramp position, click photo to learn more or see other applications.

NASCAR and F1 Race Cars: steering-angle pickup, click photo to learn more or see other applications.

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